About us

We are leather goods manufacturers

We are artisans manufacturers, since 1958 we are dedicated to the leather goods production with traditional artisans methods. Our priority is the quality in the manufacturing of our products. Our craftsmen use centenarians techniques to give shape to the most exquisite and selects leather goods.

Our brands

We manufacture and distribute leather goods for the following brands: Amichi, Titto Bluni and Paola Dominguín. Providing them the highest quality, typical feature of Pielnature.

Manufacturing services

Besides the mentioned brands, we offer our manufacturing services for leather brands. Working in your projects from the beginning or manufacturing your current leather goods collection.

Leather goods manufacturing

Our company fabricate wallets, purses and bags in leather. We are experts in the leather goods productions for international brands. The quality of our products is our best guarantee.

Custom-made production

Bring your project to us and we will make it real. We will give shape to your ideas by transforming a simple sketch into a leather good, applying our ample experience in the artisanal leather industry.

Quality of materials

We select for you the quality of manufacturing materials. The softness or quality from the best leathers, as well as the durability of the metal accessories to use. Giving you the best of the advices with our leather sector experience.

Made in Spain

The manufacturing from Ubrique (Spain) is a quality of guarantee and a formal compromise with the delivery dates. The manufacturing in Europe grants the advantage to control the quality in situ, and also provides one much more effective and economical logistics.